Medical Insurance Coverage

* InVia Fertility accepts most PPO and HMO Plans

InVia Fertlity Specialists is a contracted preferred provider for most major insurance companies. Please contact us directly at (847) 884 - 8884 to find out the latest information, since we are always adding more plans. Our professional and friendly staff will work with you to help you understand your insurance benefits and coverage. There are no hidden costs; every patient is given a simple and easy to understand Financial Clearance, which shows a breakdown of all expected payments.

The State of Illinois has mandated infertility insurance (see for full guidelines to mandate). This means that your employer may be offered the option of purchasing infertility coverage for you as part of your health insurance policy. Insurance companies providing coverage in Illinois must offer the option of purchasing infertility benefits. It is a good idea to contact your insurance company or employer directly to inquire about the specifics of your insurance benefits. When asking about your coverage you should address the following questions:

  • Do I need a referral to see a reproductive endocrinologist?
  • Are my benefits considered in-network or out-of-network for a reproductive specialist?
  • How much of my deductible has been met?
  • Is there a pre-existing period?
  • Is diagnosis for infertility covered?
  • What is my coverage on treatment for infertility? Intrauterine insemination covered? In vitro fertilization covered?
  • What coverage do I have for medications needed for my treatment?
  • Is there a maximum allowance for infertility treatment?
  • Does the plan cover treatment after voluntary sterilization?

Diagnosis of infertility will include exams, tests and procedures that determine what may be preventing conception. Treatment is the measures used to enhance conception.

Our employees believe that excellent customer service is a key to our success; therefore, we are always available to answer any insurance or payment questions you should have. You can contact our business office directly and talk to Cecilia, Priscila, Wendy or Victoria, should any questions or concerns come up.

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